After a successful launch in its home state of Victoria, Geelong-based Furphy has rolled its Crisp Lager out interstate.

Furphy Crisp Lager is only the second release from the Furphy Brand, following its original Refreshing Ale expression, which hit the market in 2014.

Malcolm Eadie, the Director of Craft and Premium for Furphy’s owning company, Lion, believes this beer fills a specific gap in the market.

“We’re stoked to be expanding Furphy Crisp Lager beyond Victoria’s borders to meet the demand for a more sessionable beer,” Eadie said.

The easy-drinking segment has become one of the largest beer categories in Australia, and Furphy’s Crisp Lager will fit into this sessionable sector.

The beer was made using Cascade hops, and is described as being ‘low in bitterness’ with a ‘clean finish’.

The new product features a re-designed clear bottle, and red label, separating it from Furphy’s Refreshing Ale expression, while showcasing the lager’s golden colour.

Furphy Beer take its name from water tanks produced by the Furphy family of Shepparton, Victoria.

These tanks were provided to Australian troops during World War One, when soldiers would gather around them to swap tall tales amidst the misery of the trenches – giving rise to the term “Furphy” as vernacular for a perhaps questionable yarn.

Decades later, the Furphy family provided the large stainless-steel tanks that this beer was fermented in, providing the brand with a ready-made connection to mateship and conviviality.

Furphy Crisp Lager clocks in a 4.5 per cent ABV, and is available from bottle-shops and pubs in NSW and South Australia from the week ending March 18, followed by a release in NT by the end of March, and WA from the end of April.

RRP for a 24-pack carton is $53.

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