By James Atkinson

Gage Roads Brewing Co has announced the release of its new line of products, comprising Narrow Neck Session Ale, South Beach Summer Ale and Breakwater Pale Ale.

Managing director John Hoedemaker last week told investors the new products will be complemented by the refreshed Atomic Pale Ale, Sleeping Giant IPA, Small Batch Lager and Wahoo Summer Ale, which will be available on shelves in the coming weeks.

“The refresh delivers on its goals to rediscover Gage Roads’ craft brewing credentials and communicate them to consumers, to ground the brand in a sense-of-place, unify the products into a branded family and ultimately create a platform for future sales growth and increased brand value,” he said.

“This provides Gage Roads the opportunity to strengthen its position as Australia’s fourth largest craft brand and further take advantage of the growing craft beer market.” [continues below]

The brewer said first quarter FY15 sales across its portfolio improved by 16 per cent over the prior year comparative period.

Its production of Woolworths’ exclusive brands increased by 22 per cent, while contract brewing sales to other customers were up 30 per cent. 

However, draught sales were below expectations as a result of “significant price competition in the low-value mainstream draught beer market”. 

Sales of Gage Roads’ proprietary brands declined by 13 per cent over the same period last year, which the brewer said was partially due to depletion of existing products in anticipation of the new and refreshed range.

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  1. Fan of the new beers, but Gage Roads always communicate like a business first, craft brewery second…..they are not brands, they are beers!

  2. Saw the new Pale Ale at the bottle shop, I thought Cage Road, can’t be too bad, but I was pretty disappointed, very thin, not a full flavoured beer at all.
    Reading this article explained it all “Woolworths” keep the big players out of the craft beer market please!
    ps I agree with Axel as well.

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