With the Ashes series fast approaching, punters across Australia will soon be cheering for striking boundaries and soaring sixes. For the bar and hotel industry this could mean a glorious win, with the help of an up to date POS and management system. 

Make sure your venues’ bottom-line doesn’t get stumped by staff inefficiencies, stock shrinkage, inaccurate reports and above all, unhappy patrons. Vectron’s innovative POS solution can help curb these and various such issues to give you a head start in to the peak season.

Pick up the run rate:

Make staff more accessible on the floor with mobile POS devices; great for boosting orders and reducing queues at the bar.

Score brownie points:

Let patrons choose to split bills, pay separately or charge to their room, simply with a click of a button. Add a POS integrated wireless EFTPOS terminal, and your customers need not even leave their table to pay their bills.

Keep in touch during and beyond the season:

SMS/Email customised promotions, daily specials or event specific deals to the punters, right from the POS tills to increase foot fall during your slow periods. The customer database sits within Vectron’s POS system allowing you to keep record of birthdays or anniversaries and send special deals to encourage customer loyalty.

Bowl over your patrons:

Get sleek customer displays or use Vectron’s inbuilt marketing tools to tempt patrons with delicious snacks, special offers and meal deals with their schooners. This eliminates the need for additional third party promotions systems.

To help you bowl over your patrons this season, Vectron is giving away customer displays at 1/2 price* with all new Bar-Hotel POS system sign-ups till 20/12/13. *Not valid for software only solutions.

Play perfect innings with your promotions:

With the POS integrated Loyalty & Vouchers module, promo vouchers can be set to be issued and redeemed based on pre-fed system data, leaving no room for human error or misuse. This ensures that each transaction is recorded and accounted for, down to the cent; finally an accurate way to measure ROI on your promotions.

Get live scores:

Real time reporting and automated inventory control provide you with precise data on stock, sales and staff alerting you to any incident or variance as and when it occurs.

Despite all the pace picking and scoreboard climbing, we do need to drop one thing – the PLU codes. 

Vectron’s POS is the only system which has moved away from PLU based stock management allowing you to enter products simply by name and price; the built-in formulas accurately calculate and set up rest of the information for you. No numbers to remember and no hassle of creating numerous PLU codes for different units of the same product.     

The right combination of technology and service provider goes a long way in getting the maximum returns on your investment. Call Team Vectron on 1300 530 509 today to get ahead of the game in the upcoming season.

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