For the past decade gin has had great tonic to mix with, but whisky and rum have been patiently waiting for a premium cola to complement rather than hide their unique flavour profiles. Enter Fever-Tree Distillers Cola.

According to IWSR BevTrack, Aussies are enjoying whisky with a mixer at the same rate as gin and as they’ve done with Gin and Tonic, Fever-Tree is set to revolutionise Whisky and Cola.

Using a selection of the finest naturally sourced ingredients, Fever-Tree Distillers Cola is made up of Caribbean Kola Nuts, Tahitian Limes, and a selection of distilled botanicals and spices, resulting in a deliciously rich and balanced mixer for your favourite dark spirits. With no artificial sweeteners or colours, Distillers Cola allows the ingredients to speak for themselves with top notes of refreshing lime, complex spices, and a hint of vanilla to finish.

Where leading cola brands use their strong flavour profiles to mask the flavour of spirits, Distillers Cola has been designed to complement and elevate the flavour of whiskies from the finest distilleries around the world. With Whiskey Cola making up 28% of all mixed drinks (Source: Non-US and US, IWSR, BevTrack), Distillers Cola fits perfectly into the Fever-Tree range to accommodate dark spirits drinkers that want to mix with the best.

“In Australia, half of all the spirits consumed are enjoyed with a mixer, and we always say if three quarters of your drink is the mixer, then you should mix with the best,” says Fever-Tree Australian Brand Ambassador, Trish Brew.

“When you taste Distillers Cola with your favourite dark spirit, you’ll see and taste that its subtle sweetness is designed to hero that premium whisky or rum.

“Many people have mastered what to mix with their favourite light spirits but are confused when it comes to the world of dark spirits mixing. Well, Distillers Cola is the go-to answer! With aromas of zesty lime and subtle spice, we’re proud to offer a mixer that your whisky truly deserves.”

Fever-Tree Distillers Cola will be ranged in Dan Murphy’s stores nationally and will be available in a convenient 200mL 4-pack for $9.49.

If three quarters of your drink is the mixer; mix with the best.

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