By Andrew Starke

Queensland licensees who have made the switch to regular glass alternatives have experienced a smooth transition, with patrons appearing not to notice the difference.

This is the view of the Queensland minister responsible for Liquor Licensing, Peter Lawlor, who said feedback from licensees was that the change had not created any problems.

“Queensland’s largest operator, ALH, was one of the first to make the move and now has 25 percent of its 110 licensed premises in Queensland using tempered glass,” he said.

“There seems to be a misconception about glass alternatives – be it tempered glass or polycarbonate plastic – that the enjoyment of drinking alcohol will be lessened.”

ALH Queensland state manager, Trevor Smith, said the move to tempered glass has been worth it.

“While the cost of purchasing tempered glass is more expensive than normal glass, there has been a decrease in replacement costs as tempered glass lasts longer,” he said.

“Patrons don’t seem to notice they are drinking from tempered glass – we certainly haven’t received any comments from anyone.”

Minister Lawlor added that licensees who have made the proactive and voluntary switch to regular glass alternatives should be recognised for taking a serious approach to patron safety.

“The Bligh government introduced this initiative to boost community safety at licensed premises,” he said.

“ALH is leading the way in the industry and we commend them for their safe practices and initiative in their commitment to patron safety. ALH intends to introduce 100 per cent tempered glass usage into all of its licensed premises in a staged roll-out.”

Lawlor added that licensees and patrons were welcome to contact the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) to provide feedback, whether positive or negative, on their experience with using tempered glass or polycarbonate.

Acting Queensland Premier, Andrew Fraser, said he was impressed with the number of hotels and pubs taking the lead to improve safety.

“It’s great to see so many publicans doing the right thing and taking this issue seriously,” he said.

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