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'Revived' Scotch whisky brand GlenDronach is enjoying an Australian boom after its sales in 2014 doubled that of the previous year.

Speaking to TheShout, Regional Sales Manager, Douglas Cook also revealed that the brand's sales so far in 2015 have already exceeded those of 2013.

"Australia as a market is interesting because obviously it doesn't have a large population in comparison to other whisky markets," Cook said. "But in Australia there does seem to be an awakening among aficionados, whisky connoisseurs, who are looking for more craft and artisan-style whiskies, which is really where we come in and have an opportunity to position our brand.

"We were stable and then it's just taken off, so that's very encouraging."

Such is the success that GlenDronach is enjoying Cook revealed to TheShout that the distillery will be sending two new expressions to Australia. Currently available here are the 12-year-old Original, 15-year-old Revival and 18-year-old Allardice and soon to be added to that selection will be the 21-year-old Parliament and the Cask Strength GlenDronach. Cook also told TheShout that GlenDronach will be realising an eight-year-old expression, which is an age that the distillery used to produce and has decided to bring it back to the market, and which will be available to export markets.

Cook also revealed that the distillery is recognising the increasing number of whisky drinkers in Australia. "We say among ourselves that Australia is really beginning to develop, so let's allocate some more stock of certain limited release products. And that's because it is developing, you wouldn't do that if it was a stagnant or small market where those products would just sit in the shelves. Here I know they are definitely not, consumers and the trade are crying out for stock."

The whisky is currently listed mostly by independent retailers and it is selling well. Cook added: "We've been selling GlenDronach in Australia since around 2011, and it was consistent in the early years and it remained on gentle growth. But since beginning of 2014, we have seen the volume of exports increasing rapidly. It's certainly doubled since 2013 and that's testament to the work if island2island, it's testament to the work of the retailers, consumers becoming more savvy and curious, the brand becoming a bit more well-known."

In describing the whisky Cook said: "GlenDronach is a classic, old-style malt. Today there is a lot more innovation and wood management and a lot more varieties of whiskies available. We do that to a certain extent, but we are very mindful of keeping Glendronach as an old-style classic malt. This is a full-bodied, quite a robust single malt, it's the type of whisky that you have drunk years ago and it hasn't really changed over the years."

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