By Amy Looker, editor National Liquor News

Beer and spirits drinkers had had their hip pocket targeted over the weekend, as the Federal Government revealed its half yearly increase on duty rates for alcoholic excisable goods.

The latest data on the consumer price indices for the December Quarter 2013 reveals that new rates of duty on beer and spirits increase the price of full-strength beer by 29 cents per case, light beer by 11 cents per case and a 700ml bottle of spirits by 38 cents. 

A case of ready-to-drink products will also see a hike in price, increasing by 66 cents.

The Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia’s (DSICA) information and research manager Stephen Riden said that the distilled spirits consumer was paying more tax on their drink of choice. 

“The latest excise hike sees a standard 700ml bottle of whiskey pay just under $22 in alcohol tax alone, before adding GST or any other costs,” Riden told TheShout.  

“And as usual, the distilled spirits consumer is being treated inequitably over those drinking beers and wines.”

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