By Stefanie Collins, editor BARS&clubs

Applewood Distillery in South Australia has taken the Australian native botanicals trend to its furthest reach, releasing a Green Ant Gin.

You read that right: the gin features actual ants in its botanical recipe.

According to the team, “Australia’s width and breadth of native produce extends far and beyond the normal fruits, leaves and nuts you may be accustomed to coming from Applewood, and it’s with this limited edition gin, that we explore one of the most exciting – green ants”.

While scientists have been predicting the day that we as a global society will have to rely on insects for protein, Applewood are getting the jump in the trend – and apparently the flavour is quite something.

“We first encountered Oecophylla smaragdina – commonly known as the Green Tree Ant – inland near Rockhampton, Queensland and the enticing lime-licked burst of intense green flavours has stuck with us ever since.

“Ingredients like this are reminders of how much we still have yet to discover of this sunburnt country – and of the custodians of this land whose knowledge we thank for the right to bring to you such exotic creations.”

Green Ant Gin is available in a super limited release of 300 bottles. You can score your own 500ml bottle of the 42% ABV gin for $120.00.

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