One of the most common complaints made by the dining public – especially in al fresco environments – is the quality of the furniture, specifically wobbly tables. Gyro, established in 2007, has developed a product which will not only keep your customers happy, but will boost the productivity and efficiency of your floor staff.

Gyro’s unique dining table bases fold completely flat, making storage simple. They also increase the speed at which staff members can prepare for and pack up after service.

Gyro’s founder, Hans Ilse, said “These tables fold completely flat. You would have seen tables where the tabletop flips but the legs don’t fold. They’re extremely difficult to carry because you trip over the legs. Now with our table bases, because the legs can fold flat, you can actually carry one table under each arm. It increases productivity for staff, who are taking furniture in and out every day. They can now do that quite easily and they don’t have to fiddle around setting the tables up – they just put the table down, twist it and it self-stabilises, it’s ready to go.”

The table bases, currently being tested by Grill’d, Nando’s and Zambrero outlets, are fitted with Gyro’s patented self-stabilising mechanism, which means they can be used on any side walk, cobble stoned or roughly paved area.

“There’s one leg that’s fixed to the upright pole of the table base, and another that folds out – we call it the outrigger or the moving leg. So the fixed leg sits on the ground and then the moving leg moves up and down to balance out the unevenness,” said Ilse.

The table bases are made from lightweight aluminium and plastic and are available Australia-wide.

 Other key facts:

·         Gyro supplies the table bases only, which weigh roughly 4.7kg. When a tabletop is added, the combined weight is approximately 15kg. 

·         The table bases are suitable for tabletops that are no larger than 80 square centimetres

·         Gyro also has a range of table bases suitable for larger tabletops. These bases do not fold, but use the self-stabilising mechanism.


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