By James Atkinson

The brewers at Hahn have created a special run Bacon beer, in conjunction with Hahn Academy, a new campaign that calls for Australians to submit their best 'pioneering beering' ideas.

Hahn Bacon beer, the first idea selected and prototyped by Hahn brewers, was submitted by Sydneysider Rob Slavin and selected from more than 600 ideas received by the Hahn Academy to-date. Other winning ideas up for prototype consideration include oblong beer bottles to save space in the fridge, and honey beer.

Slavin said the concept of bacon beer came from "my enjoyment of Hahn and my equal love of bacon".

"I have always wanted to make my own beer, and what better way to do it than to unite the two great flavours of bacon and beer, with the pioneering spirit of Hahn brewers," he said.

To create Hahn Bacon beer, Hahn brewers crafted a full-bodied, smoked malt lager, which has the distinct aroma of bacon and cured meats, filtering right through to offer a smoky taste.

The flavour has been achieved by exposing the malt to the intense, aromatic smoke of burning beech-wood logs in the final stages of the malting process.

Hahn Bacon is not available for commercial sale.

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  1. Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier is one of the best beers I have had, So I will be curious to see how the Hahn smoked beer goes.

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