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The first innovation from the Hahn Brewers' Projects sees the Australian brewer launch Hahn Radler, a beer cut with natural lemon.

The Radler is a take on a traditional European Radler style, which is usually 50 per cent beer and 50 per cent lemon. This version has been adapted to better suit Australian tastes and is 70 per cent lager and 30 per cent natural lemon.

Tanya Marler, Lion brand director, said: "Hahn Radler is not your typical beer and we're proud of that. We hope that Aussies who may not choose beer that often, will be intrigued by Hahn Radler and enjoy the refreshing Hahn beer and natural lemon mix, with the added benefit of lower ABV."

Lion managing director James Brindley told TheShout: "As we innovate on new beers, the tastes and the characteristics will be in line with what the current consumers are after.

"It's low alcohol and a bit more flavour. What we see is that younger adults of legal drinking age are after a sweeter option and Hahn Radler is along those lines."

The Radler is 3.2 per cent ABV and is described as "light in colour with a mild lemon aroma and taste that is extremely refreshing."

The beer is the first to come from the Hahn Brewers' Projects and Marler added: "The Hahn Brewers have a history of challenging themselves to create better beers for the evolving tastes of modern Australians – including Hahn Premium, Hahn Premium Light, Hahn Super Dry, Hahn Super Dry 3.5 – beers which have redefined the beer category over the past 30 years.

"Hahn Brewers' Projects has been created because Australian drinkers are always looking for something new that they can share with their friends. There are approximately 2.8 million Australian adults who have had a beer in the last 12 months, but not had one in the last four weeks, so we need to be constantly evolving and offering distinctive choices and flavours that appeal to a wider group of people."

Hahn Radler is now available nationally in bottles and the beer's launch will be supported by a marketing communications program that includes digital and social, point of sale, outdoor and PR.

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