Reflecting the style sold in the Gin Palaces of London, Hayman Distillers has introduced Hayman’s Family Reserve Gin.

Distributed by SouthTrade, the gin is rested in Scotch whisky barrels for three weeks before bottling. This is in keeping with the tradition that it was commonplace in England in the 1800s to serve gin from the cask rather than the bottle.

The release is limited to only 5000 bottles, and sits at a slightly higher alcohol strength (41.3% ABV), to strengthen the botanical notes. Distilled to be used in both classic and modern gin cocktails, the distillery recommends the gin be served in a negroni, as a martini or alongside Fever-Tree Indian Tonic for a classic G&T.

To the Hayman Family gin is all about the botanicals, so despite its time in cask, the wood only adds a subtle mellow note to the gin’s overall profile, as it is rested in the oak, rather than aged.

Hayman’s Family Reserve Gin is an updated version of Hayman’s 1850 Reserve Gin, previously available in Australia, and has the characteristic notes of juniper and coriander with hints of mellow wood on the nose.

The RRP is $85 and it is available from independent bottle shops.

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