The non-alcoholic beer specialist is following up its success in the GABS Hottest 100 with the release of a ‘Another Lager’, a ‘refreshing non-alc brew.’

Another Lager is the second new addition to the Heaps Normal permanent range, following the release of Quiet XPA in July 2020.

“Sometimes all we want is a simple no nonsense beer, without the downsides,” said Heaps Normal CEO, Andy Miller.

“Our head brewer Benny created Another Lager for a clean finish. The sort of thing that will sit comfortably alongside your favourite weekday special. No muss, no fuss.”

Head Brewer Ben Holdstock explained that the release of Another Lager marked achievement of a long-held ambition for the brand: “It’s always been our plan to build out a solid core range of non-alcoholic beer styles alongside some more experimental limited releases.

“Lagers are making a comeback right now and we wanted to match that appetite with a non-alc version that would deliver all the cold gold of our favourite classic Aussie beers.”

Heaps Normal no doubt raised a few glasses to toast its success in the 2021 GABS Hottest 100, where the brand debuted at number 20, with its inaugural Quiet XPA expression.

“When Heaps Normal launched 18 months ago the idea of a non-alc beer in the GABS Hottest 100 beer poll was a strange fiction,” said Miller, “So to debut at #20 is mind-blowing for us.”

Miller was keen to pay homage to his fellow indie brewers: “We’re incredibly grateful to the beer community for their support. In particular for the enthusiasm and guidance from our great mates at Brick Lane, Capital, Hawke’s, Philter, Young Henrys and Grifter.

“Special shout out to Hawke’s for including Heaps Normal in their campaign and to our non-alc brothers and sisters at Sobah Beverages, a deadly First Nations beer company, who were the first movers in Australia’s non-alc beer awakening,” said Miller.

Quiet XPA also picked up the Country Winner award for Australia in the no and low-alcohol (NOLO) category of the 2021 World Beer Awards.

These award wins reflect a greater change in Australian drinking habits, with NOLO alcohol beers rapidly gaining popularity in the wake of the pandemic.

A Drinkwise study, published in October 2021, found that 32 per cent of those who decreased their alcohol consumption since the beginning of COVID, did so with the assistance of NOLO products.

Those drinkers aged between 18-45 were twice as likely to enjoy NOLO products, compared to over 45, pointing to a rosy future for the no and low-alcohol industry.

Another Lager be able in both the on- and off-premise from February 1.

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