Heineken has been named the world’s most valuable beer brand, overtaking Corona Extra for the top spot according to the 2023 Brand Finance Alcoholic Drinks Report.

Heineken’s brand value grew by 10 per cent to US$7.6bn, while Corona’s six per cent growth took it to $7.4bn. Budweiser at $6.6bn, Bud Light at $5.9bn and Modelo Especial at $4.2bn round out the top five most valuable brands.

Despite the inflationary pressures being faced by consumers, beer brands continue to see brand value growth. Further, Heineken also ranked second in terms of brand strength.

Asahi (brand value up 11 per cent to $2.8bn) is the world’s strongest beer brand, earning a brand strength index (BSI) score of 92.6 out of 100, and a corresponding AAA+ rating.

Asahi also has Brand Finance’s highest Sustainability Perceptions Score, at 5.65 out of 10, of any brand included in the top 50 beer brand value ranking. Closely behind was another Japan-based brand, Kirin (ranked seventh with a brand value $3.2bn).

Henry Farr, Associate Director, Brand Finance said: “It seems like beer drinkers are not necessarily drinking more, but instead, are drinking better. Visits to bars and restaurants are becoming less regular and less spontaneous, meaning many consumers are looking to trade-up on their beer of choice, prioritising taste and quality over price.

“Beer brands that are delivering on high quality premium lagers seem to be doing well.”

Zhujiang (brand value up 44 per cent to $680m) claims the title of beer’s fasted-growing brand, followed by Tsingtao (up 39 per cent to $2.1bn).

Brnd Finance said that Zhujiang’s growth in the last year, in part, thanks to its improved standing with younger, more price-sensitive consumers. While competitors have opted for price hikes, Zhujiang has maintained stable beer prices, offering a quality, mid-price alternative.

Brand Finance also said that Tsingtao’s brand value growth links directly to the brand’s revitalised business model with the beer launching in over 250 taverns in 2022 and as part of a new and immersive customer-centric strategy.

Earlier this week The Shout detailed Moutai as the most valuable spirits brand, while tequila is the fastest growing category.

Brand Finance compiles the lists using what it calls its ‘Royalty Relief approach’, which involves estimating the likely future sales that are attributable to a brand and calculating a royalty rate that would be charged for the use of that brand. The overall brand value also includes a brand strength index and estimated brand revenues.

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