Hellyers Road Distillery has just completed its crowdfunded equity raise, achieving $4.38m from more than 1300 investors in less than two months, which Hellyers Road says is the third largest equity crowd fund in Australian history.

Mark Hubbard of OnMarket, the funding platform that facilitated the raise, said the raise was a record achievement.

“The raise is the largest equity crowdfunded raise for an alcohol brand in Australian history both in the amount of capital raised and the number of investors taking part,” he said.

Hellyers Road CEO, Derek Charge, said that investors were drawn to the distillery’s aged stock, which represents the company’s strong growth potential.

“The outstanding response is a clear signal that investors understand the value and uniqueness of our offer. Hellyers Road holds approximately 90 per cent of Australia’s whisky aged 18 years or older, which has been a significant drawcard for investors. Our aged stock is currently valued at $49m and projected to double to approximately $100m by 2027. This robust growth underscores the immense potential and value inherent in our company,” he said.

Hellyers Road is highly awarded, recently receiving four Best Australian awards at the 2024 World Whiskies Awards, including Best Australian Single Cask Single Malt for its American Oak 16-year-old.

Charge said that these awards reflect the brand’s strength on the Australian and international markets.

“Our whiskies continue to garner both local and international acclaim, which is a powerful validation of our commitment to world-class distilling and an endorsement of our vision and strategy. We are thrilled to welcome over 1,300 new investors to the Hellyers Road family. Their support is testament to our brand’s strength and the huge global potential for growth that we have.”

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