To celebrate the release of its new range of whiskies, one of Australia’s oldest distilleries has revamped its packaging and brand identity.

Hellyers Road has released a range of five new whiskies: Double Cask, Journeyman, Oloroso Sherry Cask, Voyager Cask, and Dark Harmony Cask. Double Cask is matured in American oak, with a secondary maturation in French Oak, while Journeyman is a small batch blend of 12-year-old American oak casks and premium Port casks. For the Voyager Cask, the whisky is first matured for 16 years in American oak, then receives a second maturation for 3 years in a French oak ex-liqueur cask, and bottled at cask strength. Dark Harmony was a surprise to the team, who re-discovered a small batch of American oak barrels that had been maturing for 17 years. The grain whisky was in fact redistilled mixed-grain Tasmanian beer originally sourced from Boags, and its beer heritage was reflected in the decision to finish the whisky in American oak stout casks from Communion Beer Co.

Hellyers Road marketing manager Tycho Hugh explained that the updated packaging highlights elements of exploration, discovery and fortitude that are central to the brand identity.

“We’re proud of our brand and our heritage, but like any good whisky, we evolve with time,” said Hugh

The redesigned packaging updates Roger Murphy’s painting that adorns the existing packaging, transforming key elements into a modern piece that reflects the landscape of northwest Tasmania.

“It’s important that our visual identity convey the mystery, depth and uniqueness of the inspiring landscape that we at Hellyers Road call home; wilderness like the Tarkine and the Bass Strait, both of which are wild, raw and at times even foreboding,” Hugh described.

The label has also changed to put more focus on the whisky, as it is now smaller in size and features more text detailing the whisky’s features. This is supplemented by a new bottle, which is produced in France and made of clear glass to showcase the colour and clarity of the liquid.

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