The world has long been filled with ordinary things that conform to ones expectations. (Potatoes, sausages, mathematics text books, and humdrum gins spring to mind.) We are happy to say that Hendrick’s could never be counted among such things.

Unlike ordinary gins, Hendrick’s is an iconoclastically produced, small batch gin quadruple-distilled in Ayrshire, Scotland; where one would least expect a gin to be found.

The unusual distillation process combined with the oddly delicious infusions of cucumber and rose petals yields a one of a one-of-a-kind gin that is passionately loved by a tiny yet growing handful of individuals around Australia, including those that voted it Cocktail Spirit of the year at the 2009 Australian Liquor Industry Awards.

No other gin tastes like it because no other gin is made like it.

Available as:
700ml @ 41.4%

For trade enquiries, please contact Suntory Australia on 02 9663 1877

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