As the moderation trend continues across the globe, so too does the call for reduced and alcohol-free drinks. Holsten 0.0% has reported its tenth consecutive year of growth, with steady gains over the global and Australia alcohol-free sector.

The classic German Pilsener is recognised in the Australian market as one of the lowest calorie non-alcoholic beers, with just 40 calories per 330ml, meeting expectations from consumers toward healthier drink options that still taste like the real deal.

The ABS reported last year that Australia’s alcohol intake hit a 50-year low, with 28.9% of Aussie’s abstaining or not consuming alcohol, while 9.5% were actively reducing the amount they consume.

“Holsten has seen double digit growth for the last decade, as consumers are increasingly mindful of what and how much they consume.”  said Scott Harris, Division Manager: Non Alc, Coopers Brewery. “With only 40 calories per bottle and a world-renowned taste, Holsten 0.0% is the obvious choice for health-conscious consumers who don’t want to miss out on having a beer.”

Holsten 0.0% has carved a segment in the market as a premium non-alcoholic beer, that is brewed in accordance with German Purity Law of 1516 (Rienheitsgebot) delivering a crisp, hop driven flavour that is typical of European Pilsners.


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