Hoshizaki Lancer has unveiled a new, state-of-the-art python manufacturing machine, which it has called ‘a new standard in beverage dispensing’.

Beverage dispense trunk lines (more commonly known as python) transport beverages from storage, such as a cool room, to the dispensing point, such as a beer tap. Beverage dispensing and food services equipment supplier Hoshizaki Lancer’s new machine is able to produce cabled python, which has significant advantages over the non-cabled python used in most venues.

The new python machine was designed and manufactured in Adelaide in partnership with Asytec. The machine is now housed in Hoshizaki Lancer’s production facility in Beverley, South Australia.

“We are extremely excited to unveil our new python machine, nicknamed ‘Monty’,” said Laurie Boxwell, Managing Director ANZ, Hoshizaki Lancer. “This significant investment is just part of Hoshizaki Lancer’s rich tradition of providing innovative new products for our customers that provide tangible benefits and strong ROI.”

Cabled python requires around half as much force to pull it through the conduit, resulting in faster, easier, and safer installation. The diameter is also 25 per cent smaller when looped. This allows the python to be installed around tighter bends, which is of particular benefit to smaller venues.

In addition, the smaller diameter is easier to store and ship, offering freight and storage savings for customers. Finally, knuckling has been eliminated, meaning that pressure is evenly distributed across the python’s internal tubing when it is packed for shipping. This ensures that each python looks just as good being rolled out at the venue as it did coming out of the python machine.

“The addition of cabled python to Hoshizaki Lancer’s industry leading beverage dispensing portfolio represents a game-changer in allowing for faster and more efficient installations, while ensuring that the beverage being dispensed is exactly as the producer intended,” Boxwell concluded.

The new python machine will be able to manufacture Hoshizaki Lancer’s full range of 24 python configurations. It will also quadruple Hoshizaki Lancer’s current output volume, allowing the company to meet rising demand in the beverage industry.

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