In a recent survey by The Feel Good Index, Australian hospitality workers who experience work-related stress described their work as playing an important part in their overall life satisfaction.

The survey, which was conducted by Frontline Recruitment Group with over 6,000 Australian employees, found hospitality workers to have a positive outlook on their jobs.

Australian employees from a range of industries were found to experience work-related stress, with 27 per cent describing their current workload as extremely stressful. Findings confirmed that 67 per cent of workers who experience stress in the workplace were more likely to recognise their work as meaningful. In comparison, only 58 per cent of workers who didn’t experience stress found their job to be satisfying.

Arthur McColl, CEO of Frontline Recruitment Group, said: “This finding shows the correlation between stress and the importance of work in overall life satisfaction and could indicate that while stress levels shouldn’t be disregarded, perhaps a workers stress can be tolerated if their efforts produce good outcomes.”

The annual study, now in its third year, identifies what makes people feel good at work in Australia’s leading industries. Almost nine in 10 hospitality workers claimed to feel positively about their job, placing a high value on flexibility within their roles to fit around other priorities in life.

The research identified a strong link between purposeful work and retention among hospitality workers, with three in four hospitality workers (74 per cent) feeling that their work was extremely meaningful or had a positive impact.

“This year, the research puts a new slant on work life balance”, McColl added. “Workers recognise that their job enables them to live well and adds to their overall life satisfaction, and that work life balance does not necessarily mean a job with minimal stress.”

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