The team at InnQUIZitive have redeveloped their classic Big Screen Trivia solution, making it even easier for venues looking to host their own high quality trivia event.

Venues can select a popular and engaged member of staff to host their event, saving time while also supporting their staff in taking on more responsibility. “This is a great way to develop a real bond between your staff and patrons,” said InnQUIZitive Product Manager, Garth Lamberton.

Prior to the event the staff member simply downloads the event onto a USB or laptop and run the event via a venue’s Big Screen. Answer booklets are mailed out in advance of the event.

The production investment is obvious at an InnQUIZitive event. “We have a team of six trivia buffs who prepare our events,” said Lamberton, “they consistently produce a fun and engaging event and the patrons always have a smile on their face.”

InnQUIZitive’s audio visual format means the events include picture, video and music questions which cover a huge range of topics. There’s something for everyone and the event creates a wonderful atmosphere at venues with teams enjoying a meal, a few drinks and plenty of laughs.

For venues without the staff to spare, InnQUIZitive also offer a hosted option. Venues are encouraged to promote their event and their professionally trained host will show up on the night to take care of the rest.

InnQUIZitive are excited to promote their latest offer, which will help venues get off to a great start in 2019.

Get in touch with the InnQUIZitive team to get four of your first eight weeks of InnQUIZitive Big Screen Trivia free, with no ongoing obligation.

This offer is available to both hosted and DIY events at new InnQUIZitive venues.

Contact InnQUIZitive Product Manager Garth Lamberton on 0420 319 415 or email

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