As the agave spirits category continues to evolve, a new tequila, Hot Torque, is rolling out in venues and bottle shops across Australia.

Introduced by former WA chef and Perth local Laszlo Till, who has partnered with a Mexican producer to import the tequila, Hot Torque is readily available on- and off-premise in Western Australia and Melbourne and starting to roll out to other states.

Reflecting on his journey, Till spoke about his ambition to create a high quality, easy drinking tequila.

“Approximately a decade ago, while working on a tech project with some NASCAR race teams in the USA, I nurtured the dream of making my own tequila. Despite extensive travels across the United States during this period, my profound passion for both food and tequila remained unwavering.”

Having trained as a chef in Western Australia, Till developed a special affinity for tequila and felt that it had been unfairly stigmatised in Australia.

“I was committed to bringing a tequila to the market that everyone could enjoy, reflecting the refined palate I had honed as an award-winning chef,” says Till.

“A pivotal moment in my tequila venture occurred when I was introduced to a distillery in Mexico during my tech project collaboration. This marked the start of a transformative period, punctuated by numerous challenges […] essentially requiring me to start from scratch.

 “Despite the setbacks and moments of despair, my unwavering determination fuelled my dream. […] My guiding principle has always been, ‘I never create something I would not consume myself’, and I live by it.”

Till restarted his process, collaborating with another contact in Mexico who meticulously followed his processes and ensured that every drop of tequila bore the stamp of his creative passion and expertise. Despite the complications arising during the onset of the pandemic, his commitment remained.

“I was determined to change the perception of Tequila from mere shots to a beverage that could be savoured during a meal, as is customary in Mexico.”

After extensive searches, Till found a distributor in Melbourne who recognised the potential in his product. With the support of various venues and establishments in Western Australia, Hot Torque Tequila began to gain traction.

“Post-pandemic I really sought out venues in Western Australia and Melbourne that were receptive to my journey and willing to taste and be a part of this tequila. It’s important to understand that tequila can only be produced in Mexico for trademark and authenticity reasons, with the unique cultivation of agave, soil and general knowledge.

“As we expand in Western Australia, we continue to seek individuals who share our passion for food and beverage and appreciate a top quality product.

“Our goal is to provide consumers with a unique and enjoyable tequila experience, the result of years of hard work and inherent risks.

“The tequila industry is evolving, and my crafting process makes all the difference. We have much more to offer, and I eagerly anticipate sharing exciting news as our brand continues to develop.

“I’m grateful for the support from local and interstate industry players who have embraced our Australian brand and process, allowing us to stand alongside some of the best in the world on store shelves, I always let customers be the judge.

“Hospitality venues and hardworking operators are our passion, and it’s incredibly rewarding when people appreciate what we do. Our greatest accolade is someone who loves our products.”

The Hot Torque range features an anejo, reposado and blanco tequila.

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  1. I would have to say this is the best Tequila’s I have tried and tasted amongst many. I had seen this pop up in an Instagram feed and want to give my 2 cents.. its a must try, and trust me I have had a heap of Tequila over time.. well done..!!!

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