Husk is championing a different style of rum in Australia – agricole – and their most highly awarded spirit Pure Cane, out of stock since July, is now available again.

No molasses is used at Husk. Instead, unaged cane spirits and premium quality sipping rums are distilled from the fermented juice of freshly cut & crushed sugar cane grown 100% at Husk Farm Distillery, Tumbulgum, making Husk one of the world’s rare paddock-to-bottle distilleries.

Agricole rum, unlike traditional rum made from molasses, is said to have terroir similar to Bordeaux wine and Cognac. The local climate, geology, soil, water, and seasons influence each year’s sugar cane crop.

Local farmer Anthony Chiesa and head distiller Quentin Brival cutting cane at Husk Farm Distillery.

Other factors which influence Husk rums include the local cane varieties, type of still, production methods, and the maturation dynamics of the region.

These elements combine to contribute to the character and flavour profile of Husk’s cane spirits and aged rums and reflect the provenance of the subtropical NSW North Coast.

‘Pure Cane is unaged and without wood influence represents a pure base agricole spirit,’ says founder Paul Messenger.

‘Pure Cane is the most pure expression of our beautiful region.’

As you would expect, the 2018 harvest of Pure Cane is distinct from previous releases. It is a blend of two cane varieties (Q240 & SRA1) and is the first release from the recently commissioned Forsyth still, christened “Fat Bastard”.

Head Distiller Quentin Brival and founder Paul Messenger in front of Australia’s only Forsyth still at Husk Farm Distillery.

‘Drinking Pure Cane takes you back to the cane field with bold grassy and earthy notes accompanied by hints of citrus, marmalade and liquorice,’ says Head Distiller Quentin Brival.

‘This release is somewhere between Pure Cane (2016 Harvest) and Martinique agricole rums. Earthier, funkier and grassier, Pure Cane (2018 Harvest) continues to take Australians down the road to discover agricole and premium sipping rums.’

Pure Cane Daiquiri

Pure Cane is great mixed into daiquiris, caipirinhas or tiki cocktails, but the Husk team also encourages bartenders to try the traditional Ti Punch to explore the full flavoured nature of the spirit.

Pure Cane is available from selected wholesalers across the country from this week, and direct from Husk Distillers.

Email to purchase.

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