The Independent Brewers Association released its ‘FutureBrew 2031: Tapping The Potential’ strategic plan on Tuesday March 26.

The IBA is requesting members’ feedback on its long-term strategy, which has been produced in partnership with KPMG over the last year. In total, 107 breweries responded to the initial survey, representing 39.3 per cent of the independent brewing industry.

‘FutureBrew 2031: Tapping The Potential’ outlines a plan that the IBA hopes will be adopted by its members, the supply chain and government as ‘the one source of truth for the indie beer industry.’

Described as ‘ambitious’, the plan includes sustainability, industrial and commercial efficiency objectives against which the IBA will measure the success of the independent brewing industry over the next decade. During this period, the IBA will advocate for resources to be applied to the actions contained in the plan.

The roadmap identifies collaboration between independent brewers as crucial for the industry’s long-term success.

In particular, the IBA have outlined five ‘2031 Growth Pillars’: Customers and Channels, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Workforce and Skills Development, Regulation and Legislation, and Breweries of the Future. Each of these pillars has its own objectives and ‘enablers’.

Actions are then divided into short, medium and long term categories, with the shared ambition of 15 per cent market share, the IBA’s keystone objective.

After feedback is received, the IBA will update the roadmap were required and present it to the Assocation’s board. Once adopted, the IBA will then liaise with government.

The full report can be read here and feedback can be provided here. The window for feedback closes on Friday, May 13.

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