The Independent Liquor Group (ILG) experienced a strong 21 per cent growth in value and a solid 14 per cent growth in volume for FY23. These were the headline figures as CEO, Paul Esposito, delivered an update on the company’s performance over the past year during the opening day of the ILG Amsterdam-Paris 2023 Study Tour.

A noteworthy highlight was the exceptional 14 per cent growth in cases, as Esposito emphasised that any revenue growth below eight per cent could be considered flat due to price appreciation. These outstanding results serve as a testament to ILG’s commitment to delivering great service, price, and products to members.

Esposito then touched on the performance of ILG’s banner groups, starting with Super Cellars, which experienced an impressive growth rate of 33 per cent in both value and volume. The expansion of Super Cellars in Victoria has attracted numerous venues, who recognise it as the best platform for their needs.

The Bottler banner group also achieved strong growth, with a 23 per cent increase in value and a 17 per cent growth in volume. Fleet Street, saw growth of 19 per cent in value and a strong 50 per cent growth in volume. In recent weeks, ILG has added five Fleet Street stores in Queensland, with plans for additional locations in Victoria and New South Wales. This brings the total number of Fleet Street bannered stores across the country to 33.

Esposito then gave delegates an overview of ILG’s performance by state, highlighting the growth in value and volume in Victoria. The company’s presence has grown significantly in the region, with a remarkable 32 per cent increase in value and 30 per cent growth in volume. ILG is investing in infrastructure in Victoria to cater to the growing demand. The acquisition of a store in Bacchus Marsh served as the initial platform for expansion, now ILG needs between 6,000 to 8,000sqm to meet demand and aims to have the new infrastructure up and running within the next six weeks.

NSW has also been strong for ILG, boasting 16 per cent growth in value and an 11 per cent growth in volume. Esposito also noted that ILG is signing up 15 to 20 new members every month.

In Queensland, ILG witnessed 21 per cent growth in value and 14 per cent growth in volume. The addition of several prominent groups to the ILG family has contributed to this success.

Esposito concluded his presentation by highlighting the overall growth in value across all categories. ILG experienced an impressive 22 per cent increase in value, with spirits, including ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, leading the charge with 46 per cent growth.

The achievements of ILG over the past 12 months are even more remarkable considering the challenging trading environment with rising interest rates, mortgage stress and a more challenging trading environment.

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