By Andy Young

Independent Liquor Retailers (ILR) has appointed Corey Leeson to the role of General Manager. Leeson has run ILR’s trade marketing team for over five years and will now focus on growing the banner group in key markets, including Sydney.

Leeson said that as well as eyeing growth he also plans to build on the strengths of the group and will work with members to deliver increased value.

“ILR really does put members at the centre of all of its decision making and in my new role I’m determined to continue that tradition,” Leeson said.

“The group has always been governed by a Board made up exclusively of liquor retailers and that delivers a unique understanding of issues facing independent retailers.”  

“Our key strength compared to other banners has always been the delivery of 100 per cent of profits back to members with no shareholders to satisfy and no fees to pay. We also allow all members stock profit opportunities by paying rebates on all purchases, not just scan sales.”  

ILR operates three banner brands with Local Liquor and Countrywide Liquor and the recently added Liquor & Co. Leeson added that the company plans to add a fourth banner brand by the end of the year and will help increase the way that members can make the most of the partnership.

He also said that with the rapid evolution of the liquor industry, he and the ILR team are working on plans to help ILR’s brands lead from the front.

“In May we’re partnering with key suppliers to welcome our members to a business success conference in Nashville, we’ll continue to invest in our premium catalogue So Vino, we’ll adapt and evolve our banner brands to meet the changing needs of the market and we’ll be looking at innovative ways to drive genuine differentiation.”  

“It’s a challenging time in retail but the opportunities are there and we are committed to taking them.”  

“My vision for ILR is to be recognised amongst independent retail businesses and suppliers as a market leader in retail liquor. To do that requires a market competitive promotional program, an innovative and nimble approach with the ability to respond to changing market dynamics quickly and, of course, the ability to deliver value for money to consumers.”  

“Ultimately I want ILR to be viewed as a genuine independent group that’s run by the members for the benefit of the members to ensure they are all as profitable as possible.”  

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