On Monday 18 September, Loire Valley Wines hosted a Wine & Blossoms press workshop to showcase the world of Loire Valley wines and flowers.

The floral tasting experience took place at the Watersedge at Campbell’s Store in The Rocks, Sydney, where 10 wines from the Loire Valley region were paired with flowers. The tasting workshop showcased wines from Louis de Grenelle, Domaine des Grandes Espérances, Domaine Landron Chartier, Domaine des Forges, Château de Fesles, Robert et Marcel, Domaine de Rocheville and Charles Joguet.

Throughout the tasting, florist JJ Phan of Buds and Bowers in Surry Hills guided attendees through the flower pairings and how they had been matched with the flavours and personalities of the wines. Phan demonstrated how to compose a floral arrangement, before inviting attendees to make their own arrangements featuring the paired flowers.

Following the press workshop was a trade wine tasting, inviting wine professionals to sample more than 80 Loire Valley wines. Three esteemed producers, Chateau Soucherie, Domaine des Tilleuls and Lionel Gosseaume, were seeking representation, while the remaining nine tables showcased carefully curated selections of Loire Valley wines that are already available in Australia.

  • Flowers and wines
  • Wine being poured at the tasting event
  • Flowers to be used for the floral arrangement workshop by JJ Phan of Buds and Bowers in Surry Hills
  • Flowers prepared at the workshop by JJ Phan of Buds and Bowers in Surry Hills
  • The view of Sydney Opera House from The Rocks
  • Wine tasting at Watersedge at Campbell’s Store in The Rocks
  • Grazing table on offer at the trade tasting

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