Setting out to redefine the cider, lager and vodka premix categories, Independent Distillers is launching six new products on October 1st, all based on insights into female preferences for alcoholic beverages.

The launch offers a strong message of innovation and leadership from the liquor merchant, and an exciting development for cross-category marketing and new product development.

“This new range of products will unlock its potential for the brand in Australia, with the hope of creating a global presence beyond our current international footprint.” The result is a suite of products with women’s needs at their core; Lady Luck (RTD), Apparella (Cider) and in a major innovation, Hummingbird, a beer created especially for women.

The products seek, above all, to taste great, and it will be this functional benefit that will inform the marketing campaign which starts this month.

Steve Williams, Marketing Director of Independent Distillers Australia, sees the launch of these products as an opportunity to push a great brand to a new audience.

“We studied the market and identified the areas where the female consumer of today has been forgotten. In response to what we learned, we will be leading the market by introducing Australia’s first beer and cider tailored specifically for women as well as adding a more sophisticated twist to our Vodka ready-to-drink category.”

Historically, the Cruiser brand has been embraced by young adult women; however this line of products focuses firmly on women with more sophisticated tastes. Convenience and choice are also key drivers, and the new slim-line 275ml bottles offer a great option to start an evening with something clean and refreshing, but also embrace this range as an easy-drinking, ‘sessionable’choice for the whole evening.

More sophisticated women are looking for beverages that are less sweet – they demand lighter and cleaner taste, more natural ingredients, fruitiness and a product that is better for you than most others.

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