Dini Soulio, South Australia’s Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, has appointed Kroll Australia Ltd as the independent monitor of SkyCity Adelaide, the operator of the Adelaide Casino.

Kroll will address SkyCity Adelaide’s regulatory obligations regarding anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing, and addressing gambling related harm.

“SkyCity Adelaide, as the operators of our only casino, have a duty to the broader South Australian community to ensure their anti-money laundering and counter terrorism funding measures along with their measures to minimise gambling related harm comply with all regulatory requirements,” Soulio stated.

Kroll is also currently the independent monitor overseeing Crown Casino Sydney, and provides governance, risk and compliance services in more than 30 countries. Soulio is confident in Kroll’s ability to effectively monitor SkyCity Adelaide’s compliance.

“I approved the appointment of Kroll, after being satisfied that they would be sufficiently independent and have the expertise to effectively monitor SkyCity Adelaide to ensure they are meeting these very important requirements,” Soulio said.

“Kroll’s staff include people who have worked for the national regulator, AUSTRAC, are experts in fraud and risk management and have extensive experience ensuring casinos are fulfilling their regulatory requirements,” he continued.

“Kroll is an experienced consultancy firm with staff who have a tremendous amount of experience in this field both nationally and internationally,” Soulio concluded.

The Hon Brian Martin AO KC’s Independent Review into the operations of SkyCity Adelaide remains on hold, pending the outcome of disciplinary proceedings undertaken by AUSTRAC in the Federal Court.

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