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A not-for-profit association for ‘real’ craft beer producers has released a white paper calling to the government to provide excise relief and funding for a sustainable industry.

The Australian Real Craft Beer Association (ARCBA) is seeking the support of political parties in the upcoming May budget to help the craft beer industry build strong independent brewers, create jobs and become export-ready.

The paper calls for an increase in excise tax rebates for small and independent brewers to $300,000, with a view to further increases over time to “bring Australia in line with the average for OECD countries”.

The ARCBA claims every dollar provided in excise relief will return five dollars in GST, employment and taxes, and contribute $27.70 in total economic revenues to local and regional communities.

It states overseas data claims 15 new jobs in beer-related industries such as hospitality, retail and tourism for every new job created in a brewery.

The white paper also suggests a portion of excise tax revenue is put toward financial support for ‘Real Craft Brewers’ to develop a national brand, educate brewers and explore export opportunities, and further develop the beer tourism industry.

As well as revised excise spending, the ARCBA wants access to investment grants for small brewers to improve their energy efficiency and foster tourism, and government support for increasing the value-add for Australia’s malt export industry.

“The craft beer industry in Australia received a measure of relief in last year’s federal budget, thanks to the tireless work of members of the craft brewing industry,” reports, Stephanie Collins, editor of Beer & Brewer magazine.

“Unfortunately, there is always more to be done and the Federal Government needs to take a long hard look at what they do to support small breweries around the country.”

The comments echo those of the ARCBA, which aims to help build a robust industry.

"It is time to get behind Australian small independent brewers, bringing Australian real craft beer in line with the rest of the world, providing access to investment funding to grow the real craft beer industry and letting Australians enjoy and appreciate real craft beers," said David Hollyoak, ARCBA Chairman. 

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  1. I do find the it all rather ironic….how do they think every beer started? – man brewing beer- sells to people, then lots of people- becomes big brewer- now very evil…….what is the difference between a big brewer producing good beer with economies of scale, and a small guy?…..a lot of the “craft” and I use the term loosely brewers use commercial operations to produce…all a bit silly really

  2. It’s sad watching two industry bodies (CBIA and ARCBA) from a small fledging industry unable to speak with a single voice..

  3. The ARCBA would be better served if they were to join the already existing CBIA that has membership of 80% of all Australian Craft Breweries instead of trying to go it alone!

    It should be noted that the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference is the 22nd and 23rd of May in Melbourne.

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