By Andrew Starke

The Australian Beverages Council, which represents about 95 percent of the non-alcoholic beverage industry, has released its draft ‘Industry Code for Energy Shots’.

The draft contains a set of guidelines for producers that go over and above existing legislative requirements.

“It was important the industry peak body developed a set of guidelines around the manufacture and marketing of energy shots” said the Beverages Council’s CEO, Geoff Parker.

“There are a number of players in the market that are obviously engaging in irresponsible marketing and manufacturing techniques and this Code is the regulated industry’s signal that enough is enough.

“Members of the Beverages Council that produce energy shots have been in the energy drink market for many years and lead the way in responsible marketing,” he continued. “This includes not marketing to children and ensuring that pack warnings are clearly visible.”

Whilst outlining general information on energy shots, the draft Industry Code also contains a set of guidelines for producers that go over and above legislative requirements in the key areas of manufacturing and marketing.

These include: ensuring that shots appeal to adult consumers in their taste and price point; ensuring that shots are marketed to adults and not children; limiting the amount of caffeine per shot to 160mg (about the same as a strong espresso coffee or a 500mL energy drink can or bottle); additional labeling requirements that the product is not suitable to children, pregnant or lactating women, or people sensitive to caffeine; advisory statements recommending maximum daily dosage of caffeine; and recommending that retailers not place shots near other products or confectionery that is specifically targeted to children.

Parker said the Code should be seen as a reference point for producers, retailers, government and the general public to know that the industry takes a responsible, self-regulated approach to energy shot marketing and manufacture.

A copy of the Code can be found by clicking here.

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