The ABAC Management Committee has said it will soon be undertaking a review of the ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code standards and coverage, and is inviting submissions from all interested parties.

ABAC undertakes periodic reviews of the Code to ensure it continues to meet its objectives as the alcohol, media and advertising industries and community expectations evolve and to ensure its terms are simple, practical, and clear.

Consultation will be undertaken to assist the ABAC Management Committee to review the Code, and where necessary make changes.  This Review will be confined to the Code standards and coverage.

ABAC said: “Submissions are invited to inform the review by the ABAC Management Committee and to ensure that a range of views representative of key stakeholders can be considered in a revision of the Code.

“This consultation paper includes the existing Code provisions together with discussion questions relevant to specific parts of the Code and concludes with a general discussion question.”

All submissions must include:

  • the organisation or interest group represented by the submission;
  • the name of the person making the submission; and
  • contact details, including a telephone number and email address.

The ABAC Management Committee invites submissions in response to this consultation paper from all interested parties by 5pm on Friday, 11 March 2022 to Click here to review The ABAC Code Review Consultation Paper.

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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