Melbourne supplier Keverton Outdoor has won an exclusive Australian contract to distribute the infratube quartz electric heating system.

Manufactured by Infratech USA, the infratube represents the latest in infrared outdoor heating technology. The element reaches full capacity in 90 seconds and because of the infrared electric ray, is unaffected by wind.

“The principle is the same as the sun,” said Keverton Outdoor managing director, Kevin Smith. “When you are sitting in the shade and it is windy, if you move to the sun and you experience the same wind, you still feel the heat from the sun. We’ve just added the benefit of no harmful ultra violent rays.

Smith added that the flameless technology wastes no energy trying to heat air and expels no harmful gas emissions.
The infratube consumes 11 cents per kW/hour to operate and is available in sizes from 2kW through to 8kW. The units are composed of stainless steel and suitable for coastal or humid conditions.

Smith said the introduction of new smoking laws in Australia and the creation of new outdoor areas to accommodate patrons who smoke has led to high demand for quality outdoor heating systems.

“For designated smoking areas, especially at gaming venues, the infratube has the ability to be fitted with a movement sensor, therefore allowing for automatic operation when a client enters the outdoor environment,” he said. “This eliminates the need for staff to be constantly turning heaters on and off for patrons.”
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