Imagine then a system where POS units could tell cameras to start recording, have every key stroke embedded into the recorded image and then have the POS unit tell the camera to stop recoding. Add to this the ability to view an integrated camera from any Point of Sale screen in the venue plus be able replay recorded footage of any transaction from the POS Audit Trail on the back of house server.

Too good to be true? Well, H&L Australia and Mobotix have joined forces to deliver such a system.
This partnership has been driven by industry demand as POS, staff and customer surveillance become more important. Cameras that can record two images at once to ones with hemispheric lens’s that can record everything in a 10 metre radius are being installed in hotels and taverns across Australia.


  • H&L Mobotix camera integration is a POS surveillance product aimed at providing a Hi resolution footage with keystroke overlay embedded in the footage
  • Use of the dual lens (D12) camera provides footage over the till as well as down the bar or across the counter. By viewing down the bar it can be seen clearly if a spirit was added to a post mix sale.
  • Camera footage is linked to transactions in Audit trail so search features in audit trail can be utilised to find users, no sales or specific PLU’s. Then by right clicking on the transaction you play back the footage within Audit Trail
  • Exceed now has live view buttons for the cameras. Giving managers the ability to view a Mobotix camera in any location.

For an online demonstration go to
For more information on the benefits of using Integrated Security Cameras, contact H&L on 1800 241 946

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