We have great news for bars, pubs and clubs! Booze Towers has created Australia’s first National Measurement Institute (NMI) certified beer towers, here to increase your beer sales and your bottom line $$!

But just because Booze Towers offers legally certified beer towers doesn’t mean their product is light on the good stuff! Oh, no sir! Not only are Booze Towers’ beer towers functionally fantastic, they’re also really really really ridiculously good looking (thank you Derek Zoolander)!

But first, let’s talk about the serious stuff…

The importance of NMI Certification

Did you know that all beer towers sold in Australia must be NMI (National Measurement Institute) certified by a registered certifier? https://www.industry.gov.au/regulations-and-standards/selling-alcohol

NMI are the Australian Government’s national authority on measurement. They play an important role by maintaining and regulating Australia’s measurement system, as well as developing and maintaining national measurement standards.

Certifiers registered with NMI are the only licensees in Australia who are legally able to batch-test and certify products which hold beer.

Did you know that your beer towers must legally display:

1. a line showing the batch testing mark which reflects the correct capacity of the beer tower;
2. the measurement of liquid at that exact line (for example, 3L); and
3. the verification mark of the certifier, which is 3 upper case letters assigned to the registered certifier by NMI.

Many beer towers on the market display an indicative (but not batch tested) line marking and measurement in litres. However, if the beer tower does not display the verification mark of the certifier, then it has not been legally certified.

If your beer towers do not carry an NMI licensee’s official certification mark as required by the Office of Liquor and Gaming, you run the risk of being forced to pull your towers off the shelves. This has already occurred in venues on the Gold Coast, so check your beer towers carefully!

Should you find that your towers are not NMI certified, and therefore not legally compliant, we suggest you call Booze Towers on 1800 826 693.

Now, onto the fun stuff! Let us tell you some more about Booze Towers and their exciting new beer towers!

Beer Towers from your new friends in the industry, Booze Towers

From a functionality standpoint, Booze Towers have got it in the bag! They offer a 3L dishwasher-safe beer tower with a stainless steel chill stick so it’s big enough to cater for big groups (or small thirsty groups), but also easy to clean and way less taxing on bar staff! Importantly, Booze Towers also offers a branding service, so your beer towers can be as unique as your venue!

Their beauty is not only in the eye of the beerholder either! Given the uptake in craft beers being enjoyed by the ladies, Booze Towers have made sure their product is sleek and sophisticated, just like you!

But don’t take our word for it! Check them out at boozetowers.com.au and don’t forget they offer wholesale pricing for venues! So make sure to contact Booze Towers today on 1800 826 693 or customer.service@boozetowers.com.au for any questions and to place an order.

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