idEye is a powerful scanning application developed for clubs and pubs and is used to read photo ID cards such as drivers’ licences and Proof of Age/18+ cards.

The patron’s ID card is scanned and the data is saved into a database. Details saved include the patron’s live camera photo, the card’s image and visable data. idEye searches the database for any ban or restriction imposed/recorded on the patron.

idEye is being used in many late night venues Australia wide in places as far afield as Geelong, Darwin, Brackenridge and Coolangatta and soon to be in Perth and Mackay.

Features of idEye

  • User friendly, fast and accurate scanning process – up to 400 patrons per hour – which includes image processing, data extraction and search taking place in the background.
  • Provides a live camera snapshot of the patron presenting the identification.
  • Data collection complies with all Privacy Legislation Principles.
  • Data storage is encrypted, password protected and water-marked.
  • The scanned card and data are automatically stored to a database.
  • Capable of scanning a wide variety of world-wide ID cards.
  • Stand-alone or networked/shared banned lists.
  • idEye can be programmed to suit client requirements, e.g. for VIP listings.
  • idEye is available as a fixed or transportable option.
  • Database capabilities also include extensive data search capabilities which are easily sorted, arranged, stored, retrieved and printed according to management requirements.
  • 7 day “Help Desk” support.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Fast and accurate checking and recording of patron details.
  • Area networking enables speedy detection of troublemakers or banned patrons.
  • Provides a safe and secure environment for patrons and staff.
  • Proven cost savings are possible, e.g. from fewer incidents and security staff reductions.
  • Will detect fraudulent or copied ID and under age patrons.
  • Proven use in conjunction with CCTV for patron identification purposes.

"Since the introduction of idEye there has been a marked decline in incidents, patronage has increased and improved in quality, profits have increased – in fact we have had record months."  -Mario Gregorio, HomeHouse Nightclub, Geelong.
For more information on idEye go to or call 07 5500 5986


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