Today we want to introduce you to 5 different ultra light beers!

But first of all … what the heck is an ultra light beer?

Ultra light beers are fully brewed but super low in alcohol (> 0.5% Alc.)

To get the alcohol out of the beer many light and ultra light beers simply get heated up before they get bottled. As alcohol has a lower boiling point than water – roughly 78C – the beer is heated up to that point and kept there until only about 0.5 per cent ABV is remaining!

But this process changes the flavour of the beer significantly! And that´s why a lot of people associate light beer straight away with low flavour and sometimes awful taste!

Why did we choose to offer these 5 ultra light beers then?

As we noticed a radical growth in the customer demand for low alcohol beers – not at least due to stricter drink driving laws, a greater health awareness in the public as well as a change in public acceptance towards intoxication – we headed out to find the golden apples of this category!


So what´s different with the beers we chose to conventional light and ultra light beers?

The secret lies in the alcohol reduction process! None of our supplying breweries heat up their beers before bottling but use different highly complex and scientific ways to reduce the alcohol content of their beers  – hence the original beer flavour doesn´t change!!!

The result of that is amazing! You get full original beer flavour! Less than 0.5% ABV and on top of that all comes with reduced calories!

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei for example has got only 85 kcal per 330ml bottle, is rich in Vitamin B12 and full of electrolytes! No wonder sportsmen all over the world use it to speed up their recovery time!

The following New York Times article summarizes very well why low alcohol beers are such great natural sports drinks … Check out the link!

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