Vectron’s POS cash registers have been installed throughout many bars and restaurants across Australia. Uniquely combining POS features with cash register simplicity and reliability, orders are quick and easy, customer wait times minimized.

Barely more than A4 

Space constraints at busy counter areas demand robust terminals with concise visual layouts.  Vectron offers a choice of terminals running exactly the same system. The POS cash register is hardly larger than the screen itself. The footprint of smallest model is barely more than an A4 sheet of paper.

"We have been using Vectron for 10 years at other venues. We needed something that was fast and robust as we are a high speed, high volume bar. The speed is incredible and the hardware can take a beating. Max and Pat, Owners, Naked for Satan Bar & Restaurant, Melbourne. 

Get the look

Stylish enough to suit contemporary venues these systems are designed with the latest in touch screen technologies and software logic. Brilliantly visible  12.1" colour TFT screens suit bright and softly lit environments. The large, splash-proof display offers an interactive touch-screen surface, for rapid, intuitive operations.  

Amazingly spill resistant

Optimized water resistant construction protected the POS Cash Register from damage by wet hands or water spills. The flat keyboard is robust and neither splashes nor crumbs can damage it. The menu’s can be changed within seconds to suit your venue’s requirement.

Our bar set up gives us no option but to workaround the POS cash register. Wet hands, syrup, fingernails, coffee, we have never had a system that would take so much spillage” 

Simple, simple, simple

So easy to operate, the POS cash register guides new and part time servers quickly through on-screen menu choices. Table plans show how long tables have been occupied and which tables are free. All terminals can be customized to suit the needs of individual points of service. Gain and maintain customers with our built in loyalty and gift card module

Empowered with a robust embedded system, our superior 64-bit technology supports complex procedures and full networking. Printers, scanners, cash drawers, scales and even beverage dispensing systems are supported.

Track everything

Keep on track of sales, trends, peak and slow times. Intelligent reporting supports effective management control.  Consolidated reports can be collected across the system by a master terminal or back office PC.

“No other system gives me the flexibility to do that. We look at reports on what sells, within minutes I know how I am traveling, it helps me work out what I need to fix up and where I’m going”  Max

Vectron Systems are a leading supplier of POS Cash Register Systems for bars, pubs, hotels and sports clubs. If you want to find out which system best suits your business, call 1300 789 366 or email

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