Vectron realises this need and brings to you a unique PLU free POS system, which is easy to understand, quick to operate and accurate to the last digit. You can finally leave webs of PLU codes back in the 90s, where they belong.

"Vectron has delivered us a Point of Sale and a complete stock management system that has enabled us to get out of the dark ages of PLU based stock management.“
– Anthony Fargas, Managing Director of Central Queensland Hotels Group.

Unique, and produced specifically to meet the requirements of today’s hotel industry, Vectron’s Bar-Hotel POS is the only hospitality system which has moved away from PLU based stock management, providing you with a solution which speaks your language. Each product can now be entered into the system simply by entering the name and price, while the built-in formulas accurately calculate and set up rest of the information. There are no numbers to remember and no hassle of creating numerous codes for different units of a single product; just an intelligent, straight forward POS solution, which gives you an accurate picture of your business in real time.

Value added tools such as Loyalty and Vouchers and SMS/Email Alerts along with the unique product management makes this system a perfect upgrade for single or multi site operations.

With innovation and change at its forefront, Vectron has become supplier of choice for the Who’s Who of the hospitality industry. Over 1800 sites across Australia and 20 years of industry experience, you have the security of knowing that every feature you need has been catered for, tried and thoroughly tested.

“I am yet to find a company to show the same integrity as Vectron. The system that is currently employed in four of our businesses is simple to setup and function on a day to day basis and the reporting is unrivalled.”
– Paul Lew, Operations Manager, Melbourne Pub Group.

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