Last month, Riot Wine Co’s Rosé-Grenache and Rosé Spritz were crowned gold (in their respective categories) in the 2021 International Canned Wine Competition.  There were 335 wines entered from 17 countries around the world, five of which came from Australia.  Further proof that canned wine is becoming a go-to choice in an industry steeped in tradition.

From the very beginning, Riot Wine Co set out to re-invent by the glass wine #theriotway. No more throwing out half empty bottles of wine because you only wanted was a glass or two. Or you prefer red, and your partner only drinks white.

There are many benefits to canned wine such as freshness and sustainability. We hate being wasteful, but we want a fresh glass of wine at the end of the day because let’s face it, we deserve it.

Enter wine-in-can. The smaller format has many benefits that are summed up in Riot Wine Co’s core values: Fresher, Cleaner, Easier and Better.

Fresher – Protected from light and oxygen spoilage.

Cleaner – Half the preservatives of traditional bottle wine.

Easier – Cans go anywhere you do. They’re portable, durable, and chill faster.

Better – Aluminium is infinitely recyclable.

Riot Wine Co is committed to creating bright, fresh and easy-drinking wine using only the best fruit from South Australia. They’re also committed to doing this sustainably, head to the website to find out more.

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