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As well as the inaugural release of Wynns 'Black Label' Shiraz, today's 'Wynnsday' release of the Coonawarra winery's new vintage collection will for the first time include an online masterclass for wine enthusiasts.

By visiting, wine aficionados can join Wynns winemaker, Sue Hodder (pictured), who this year celebrates her 20th vintage with Wynns, and viticulturist Allen Jenkins, accompanied by wine critics James Halliday and Jeremy Oliver in a 15-minute online tasting of the new release.

The tasting starts at 8pm AEST tonight, Wednesday 1 August. Simply log in to to the Wynns website and enter the password XSHJJY. If you unable to join tonight's online masterclass, you can log in and watch a recording at a later date.

"We are delighted to share the unique history of the Wynns vineyards and the superb new vintage collection with our Wynnsday guests via the online masterclass," said Sue Hodder.

VIDEO: Click below to see Sue Hodder and Jeremy Oliver speak further about the online masterclass.

Hosted by respected media personality and wine connoisseur Deborah Hutton, the 2012 Wynnsday collection of premium Wynns new vintage wines will include the 55th vintage release of Wynns Coonawarra Estate 'Black Label' Cabernet Sauvignon, one of Australia’s most cellared wines, and the exciting inaugural release of Wynns 'Black Label' Shiraz.

"This year's Wynnsday release wines represent a personal milestone and more importantly, a significant chapter in the telling of the Wynns Coonawarra Estate story. 2012 is my 20th year making wine from wonderful, expressive fruit grown in the heart of the terra rossa soil," Hodder said.

Wynns Coonawarra Estate New Vintage Releases:
• Wynns Coonawarra Estate John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 (RRP $129.99)
• Wynns Coonawarra Estate Michael Shiraz 2009 (RRP $129.99)
• Wynns Coonawarra Estate Glengyle Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 – single vineyard (RRP $69.99)
• Wynns Coonawarra Estate V&A Lane Cabernet Shiraz 2010 (RRP $59.99)
• Wynns Coonawarra Estate V&A Lane Shiraz 2010 (RRP $59.99)
• Wynns Coonawarra Estate ‘Black Label’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 55th Vintage Release (RRP $39.99)
• Wynns Coonawarra Estate ‘Black Label’ Shiraz 2010 – inaugural release (RRP $39.99)
• Wynns Coonawarra Estate Shiraz 2011 (RRP $24.99)

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