The Jack Daniel Distillery has unveiled a new ‘Bonded Series’, with the first release a Bottled-in-Bond expression from the famous Tennessee whiskey brand.

Jack Daniel’s Bonded is presented at 50 per cent ABV and pays homage to the original packaging of Jack Daniel’s whiskey in 1895.

Chris Fletcher, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller, commented on the new release.

“The Jack Daniel Distillery has been making exceptional American whiskey to the highest standards for generations, before and after the Bottled in Bond Act, dating back to the days of Mr. Jack himself,” Fletcher said.

“Jack Daniel’s Bonded is a nod to our heritage with a touch of innovation and craftsmanship. This whiskey is another opportunity for both our friends and new drinkers to explore and discover everything Jack Daniel’s has to offer.”

“Jack Daniel’s has long been a loyal favourite of Australian whiskey drinkers, and we’re excited to bring our first Super Premium product in 25 years down under,” Fletcher added.

The spirit has been made with the traditional ‘JD’ mashbill of 80 per cent corn, 12 per cent malted barley and eight per cent rye. According to the distillery, ‘barrels were hand selected for their unique and particular characteristics of deeper colour, flavour and aroma’.

Jack Daniel’s Bonded is produced in accordance with the stipulations of the 1897 Bottled-in-Bond Act. Originally introduced to restore public confidence in the quality of American whiskey, the Bottled-in-Bond (or BiB) Act requires a whiskey to be distilled by a single distiller, in a single distilling season and matured under government supervision in a bonded warehouse for a minimum of four years, before being bottled at 100 American proof (50 percent ABV).

Over 125 years after the Act’s introduction, BiB whiskies are still considered a marker of quality among American whiskey aficionados.

The producer states that the whiskey offers notes of ‘caramel, rich oak and spice, giving way to a pleasantly lingering finish.’

Jack Daniel’s Bonded will be available in 700ml bottles across Australia from this month, with an RRP of $85.

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