James Squire has added a full-flavoured, alcohol-free Lager called Zero to its core range. 

With more and more consumers seeking out alcohol-free alternatives, the launch of James Squire Zero sees the Lion-owned brewery applying its brewing heritage and craft credentials to join a booming market segment.

Brewed in Sydney, the brand says James Squire Zero is “designed for those seeking moderation in social drinking occasions, but still prioritising the full, refreshing flavour of a full-strength beer”, and believe it will help shift drinkers’ perceptions when it comes to the flavour and quality of non-alcoholic beer. 

“James Squire is expanding its offering with bold innovation, using really advanced technologies to brew a quality, full-flavoured non-alcoholic beer,” said Anubha Sahasrabuddhe, Lion Marketing Director.

“Our investment in a $6 million de-alcoholising plant shouts Lion’s commitment to the category, but also desire to produce the best zero alcohol beer on the market using the best tech in the world. We think we’ve done that.”

With recent releases from James Squire — specifically Ginger Beer and Broken Shackles Lager — now making up 15 percent of the brewery’s sales, Sahasrabuddhe says the team at James Squire are constantly innovating to meet the demands of the modern beer drinker. 

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the uptake of these products and expect James Squire Zero to be received in the same way, especially when low or non-alc drinks are trending,” he said. 

James Squire Zero has an IBU of 8.0, and will be available in six-packs and cases with an RRP of $15 and $44 respectively. 

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