By James Wells

James Squire will release for the winter 10,000 cases of a limited edition James Squire beer flavoured with a native Australian spice — the pepperberry.

James Squire managing director and chief brewer, Chuck Hahn, told TheShout the new product will be included within the James Squire Limited Release range that has previously been used for exploring new flavours and brewing techniques.

Past releases include the aromatic Hop Thief Ale brewed with specially selected hops in celebration of the annual hop harvest, and the Rum Rebellion Porter matured in oaken rum casks.

“It will mainly be off-premise, however there is likely to be a few kegs through the James Squire Brewhouse,” Hahn said.

The pepperberry is a spicy berry — not a peppercorn — described as possessing a floral aroma and a smooth heat that distinguishes itself from most other varieties of pepper.

Pepperberries are found in the cool rainforests of Tasmania as well as the high country of Victoria and southern NSW and have evolved from the flora of ancient Gondwanaland. The pepperberry is harvested from a five-metre tree in areas that offer high altitude and high rainfall

Traditionally, pepperberries are used for preparing soup, vinegar as well as seasoning pasta and game, and bleeds a burgundy or rich plum colour when mixed.

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