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Renowned industry figure, Jason Crawley, delivered an engaging and well-attended presentation during Top Shelf’s consumer day where he championed five cocktails to try before you die.

The always entertaining Crawley presented “five drinks that taste nice and make you look cool” that he recommended drinkers order instead of staples like vodka lime and soda. 

Attendees were provided with a sample of each cocktail to try while Crawley gave them the back story behind each selection. 

The first drink on his list was the Blood and Sand cocktail, a Scotch whisky-based drink Crawley said was great even for people that don’t like Scotch whisky, even if “on paper it looks like it would be crap”. [continues below]

The second drink on Crawley’s list was the Tommy’s Margarita, “an incredible drink that anyone can make”, and his third selection was The Last Word, a Prohibition-era drink made with Chartreuse and gin, which was made popular again in recent times by Seattle’s Zig Zag Café.

Crawley’s fourth selection was a Mai Tai, “the world’s most famous rum punch” and a drink associated with Tiki bars. His final selection was the Espresso Martini, a drink created by London bartender Dick Bradsell in the 90s at the request of model Kate Moss.

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