Jim Beam has launched a Single Barrel Program, enabling retailers and venues to buy a barrel of Jim Beam bourbon, which will be bottled and sent to their store.

The program means that retailers will be given the choice of choosing from three samples sent out by the Beam distilling team or simply buying a barrel chosen by the same team.

The former option includes a tasting kit sent through the post which contains three samples approved by Fred Noe, 7th generation master distiller, and his team. Each package includes a wooden keepsake sample box, and a brochure with information about the program, specifics about the samples, and the process of selecting the barrel. The latter option, Distiller’s Choice, simply involves a barrel being selected on retailers’ behalf by Jim Beam distillers.

Each individual barrel of Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon is hand-selected by the brand’s master distillers, which means no two barrels are the same

A spokesperson for Beam said: “Retail customers will have the opportunity to sample three different barrels of Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon before selecting the one they wish to purchase. The liquid will then be bottled and shipped for the customer to sell at their respective [venue].”

When the liquid, which comes in 34 six-bottle cases, is sent to the buyer it will be accompanied by point of sale materials for both on- and off-premise.

The program is available to both off- and on-premise retailers and more information can be found on the Jim Beam website.



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