Jim Beam Small Batch Bourbon is a premium bourbon whiskey produced for the true connoisseur.  Every sip of the full-bodied bourbon is a testament to the work and love that has gone into each handcrafted bottle.  

Formed by the perfect blend of art and science, Jim Beam Small Batch Bourbon is made through a special, time-honoured process dating back over a century.  

Aged for a minimum of five years in oak barrels Jim Beam’s Small Batch Bourbon is enhanced with port and is characteristic of American pre-prohibition whiskey.  Each barrel of bourbon is selected by master distillers for its specific characteristics, and contributes to the deep and full-bodied flavour.

Bottled in limited quantities from only the finest hand picked barrels, every bottle of Jim Beam Small Batch Bourbon is of the highest possible standard and features a distinctive aroma and taste that is guaranteed to tempt even the most discerning palate.

With less than 1,000 bottles produced in each limited batch, bourbon enthusiasts can be confident that their premium Small Batch bourbon will remain the perfect balance of taste and flavour. Distilled using only traditional processes similar to those used in Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home in Kentucky, the Jim Beam Small Batch truly is bourbon at its finest.

Drunk slowly, neat, over ice, or with a mixer, the smooth flavour of Small Batch premium bourbon whiskey will form either way.

This full-bodied, flavorful bourbon takes classic cocktails to a new level.

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