Jimmy Brings, one of Australia’s largest express alcohol delivery services, has developed a new ‘headless’ storefront, designed to enhance navigation and increase customer satisfaction.

For this project, Jimmy Brings has partnered with BigCommerce, a software-as-a-service ecommerce platform for B2C and B2B brands, to create a ‘headless storefront’.

Headless architecture effectively means that the front-facing side of the app is separated from the backend, meaning that the app can ‘hook into’ different specialised back-ends and APIs (application programming interfaces) depending on user requirements.

Elliott Krass, Head of Product at Jimmy Brings, believes that the new model will present a more streamlined experience for his company’s users.

“Delivering customer satisfaction is paramount to the Jimmy Brings brand,” Krass said.

“Our business is hyper-localised, with a complex operational model which operates at speed. We need certainty that when anyone visits our website or app, they can onboard and purchase with the least friction. Otherwise, the Jimmy Brings experience is diluted.”

The app is described as a PWA, or progressive web app, and will make Jimmy Brings one of the first ecommerce platforms hosted locally by BigCommerce in Australia. BigCommerce was founded in Sydney, but is now headquartered in Austin, Texas.

The advantages of creating a PWA are described as providing ‘more cohesive solution by bringing the app and web into one and is easily maintainable and flexible enough to tolerate any regulatory obligations, have less issues with compatibility while evolving alongside customer expectations without compromising their shopping experience.’

“The mobile apps and website were technically fragmented and our commerce platform overall was not built for performance and reliability at scale. It was also physically hosted which meant we were literally ordering servers every year before Christmas,” Krass explained.

“We knew we had to focus on where we wanted to be, not just patching the holes, so we could deliver on customer expectations at scale. We believed the combination of BigCommerce and Deity was the solution to help us get there,” Krass added.

Jimmy Brings has also worked with e-commerce software firm, Deity, making of use of its Commerce Composer service.

Jamie Maria Schoiuren, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Deity explains the benefits to Jimmy Brings’ new system.

“Jimmy Brings’ new platform gives them full control of their entire ecommerce journey and the flexibility to integrate new technologies and keep data orchestration on the next level keeping them innovative and accelerating growth,” Schoiuren said.

“Jimmy Brings is an outstanding example of what the future of web technology will look like–a hyper flexible platform full of enterprise power with a user experience without limitations.”

Jimmy Brings has also partnered with several other software and service firms in the improvement of its app, including: Algolia, Talon.one, Gladly (customer service), Moengage and Customology.

BigCommerce Vice President and General Manager in APAC, Shannon Ingrey, believes the newly designed app is a demonstration of Jimmy Brings’ forward-thinking approach.  

“Adopting a PWA approach is a stellar reflection of Jimmy Brings staying a step ahead of customer needs and expectations,” Ingrey said.

“BigCommerce’s headless solution and the combination of the immersive experience offered by native apps coupled with the reach of, and ease of, access to the internet that PWA provides has immensely changed the experiences Jimmy Brings delivers to customers today.

“We look forward to further evolving Jimmy Brings and keeping them in a competitive state,” Ingrey concluded.

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