Premium spirits specialist JQWS has announced the addition of two new brands, Irish whisky Micil and English gin Zymurgorium, to its distribution portfolio in Australia as the business focuses on expanding its offering.

Josh Blake, General Manager of JQWS, says: “JQWS has long been the destination for discerning drinkers of the finest Japanese whiskies. A deep satisfaction accompanies the savouring of a remarkable spirit and, like you, we are always searching for the exceptional experience.

“This is why we are now expanding our portfolio to include several world brands in our society. We will be very selective in our choices beginning with these two new, outstanding brands. We know they will offer an exciting experience for our dedicated connoisseurs.”

Situated in Ireland, Micil Distillery is steeped in 170 years of refined tradition, with its whiskey crafted in small pot stills on the shores of Galway Bay from generations-old recipes, using nothing more than grain, water and yeast.

“Micil is reviving and uniting the Connemara and Galway distilling traditions and exploring the boundaries of traditional Irish whiskey-making to create a diverse flavour and distinct character,” says Blake.

Manchester-based distillery Zymurgorium’s portfolio comprises an Original Manchester Gin and several flavoured gins, with the whole range showcasing an abundance of ingredients and flavours, crafted from unique brewing and distilling styles.

Blake said JQWS was captivated by the imaginative stories behind each product, and the unique artwork on each bottle.

“Innovation is at the heart of Zymurgorium, and it brings something new and exciting to JQWS for the Australian market to savour,” he added.

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