Kangaroo Island Spirits (KIS) is releasing a new gin that takes Australia’s gin production to new grounds with a 100 per cent Australian grown, featuring juniper that has been grown at the KIS distillery in Cygnet River on Kangaroo Island. 

As well as the locally grown juniper the First Harvest Juniper Gin contains other botanicals that have also been grown in the distillery garden, and it will be available from 23 October.

Head distiller Charlie Scmidt, said: “As with all our products, we looked to our immediate surroundings for inspiration.

“Fortunately for us the original founders had the foresight to plant an incredible garden loaded with ingredients that we could use. We chose ingredients that would complement the juniper, add complexity, as well as showcase the flavours we have in our garden.

“We’re excited to see this one released. We’ve been sitting on it for over a year now so it’s great to finally see it available to our customers. We can’t wait to see what they think.”

After establishing the distillery in 2006, the KIS the founders had the idea to plant a number of common juniper bushes (juniperus communis) at the distillery on Kangaroo Island.

The young saplings thrived in the nutrient-rich soil and favourable climate, and today, as fully mature juniper trees, have given KIS the ability to produce the world’s first gin crafted solely from 100 per cent Australian-grown, single-sourced common juniper.

KIS said the gin not only pays tribute to Kangaroo Island’s climate and land, but also celebrates the flavours that are uniquely bestowed upon them.

Ed’s note: This story originally stated this was the first gin to feature all Australian-grown ingredients, however this has been corrected as Kilderkin Distillery in Ballarat has previously released Victoria Garden Gin, which was made using all Australian ingredients.

Andy Young

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